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I began having issues with carpal tunnel on both hands approximately 15 years ago. At that time, I wasn’t enlightened to the extent that I am today, and so I treated this issue with mainstream medicine. I went to the surgeon, just like a good, responsible person does, and he found that I had approximately 90% blockage in both wrists. Surgery was recommended, of course. I am left-handed, so went with surgery on the right hand first. It was completely successful, but I never had the surgery on my left wrist.


As the years have gone by, and I have been “waking up” as it were, the numbness and pain in my wrist, hand, and arm has become unbearable and almost incapacitating. So, John and I talked with our guides, and were told that we needed to begin “treatment” as follows:  


1 drop each of the following essential oils:

Rosemary, cinnamon, tea tree, bergamot.

Massage these into the “target” area, as guided, twice per day. Then follow with a drop of castor oil massaged in as well. Follow by covering the area as mucb as possible. This was to continue for 14 days, followed by further instruction.


We began this “treatment” 4 days ago. Today, as he was working, I realized that where I am having issues is my HAND! DUH! MY HAND GRASPS AND HOLDS!!!!!! Also, the left side of my body is the spiritual side. So, WHAT was I holding onto that was blocking my carpal tunnel???? Realization here…..So, I went within to see what past experiences I was holding onto that was causing me extreme pain and sorrow. As I saw these, I would “LOOK” at them and “SEE” what my lessons were, and then I would “thank” those that participated…forgiving them as well as myself….and then “POOF!” the vision would vanish, and onto the next one. I kept going through each flash from the past and did the same thing. Eventually, I was aware just how numb my hand was becoming and how painful it was. But, instead of fighting the discomfort, I allowed it and LOVED it! Major release! Major realizations! Major awakening! (Note: The carpal tunnel was so bad that I couldn’t hook my bra in the morning; couldn’t write, stir, cut veggies for dinner, etc. Since beginning this “treatment” I now am able to do ALL of these activities with NO numbness until I’m done, and even then I have just a bit of tingling.)


Needless to say, this has been a HUGE learning lesson for me. John has been telling me that EVERYTHING has a purpose, and I need to “LOOK” at everything that happens to see what it is happening for, and what I am to learn from it. Thanks to my guides, and my higher self for THIS lesson! More to come!…..

(Note: The formula stated above was determined by my vibrational energy. Yours may be different, and kinesiology should be used to determine your exact formula.)


Author: earthsneweden

Welcome to our new Blog! We have been guided to show everyone what we are doing and how we are doing it. Suffice it to say, we are just 2 people living in a motor home at an RV park, but we have our own little Eden here. It is just the beginning of what we have been asked to do. We are searching for property to continue this adventure. Eventually, we will have created Earths New Eden, again. Yes, again. We did it the first time, and it's time to bring it back. We are doing this for ALL. Welcome! Please feel free to contact us at any time. What we know, we gladly share for the betterment of all. Love and light, Liz and John.

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