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Our meat industry…..PLEASE READ THIS!!!!

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I was reading news today, and came upon this article:

PLEASE, take a few minutes out of your busy schedules, and read this. I thought I knew what was happening, but I was wrong. There’s MORE!  Prozac…..for instance. Yes, Prozac. You are probably ingesting it if you eat non-organic chicken. So, for all of us that are wanting to stay away from big pharma, guess again.

John and I have been wanting to grow organically. That’s why our hay bales. That’s why we only use organic fertilizer. That’s why we have 5-gallon buckets of worms that make compost from our veggie kitchen waste. That’s why we only purchase organic veggies. HOWEVER, we have NOT been able to afford organic meats. That is until now.

My priorities have changed. SO WHAT if it’s more expensive!!!!! I would rather have meat much less often (if at all, even) paying double what I was paying, eating something that was treated well, and fed well, than purchasing this NON-FOOD that is making me fat and sick!!!!!!!! I’m so DONE with our FDA!!!!! I’m so DONE with big pharma!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR US TO GROW OUR OWN ORGANIC FOOD, and SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!!!!!


Author: earthsneweden

Welcome to our new Blog! We have been guided to show everyone what we are doing and how we are doing it. Suffice it to say, we are just 2 people living in a motor home at an RV park, but we have our own little Eden here. It is just the beginning of what we have been asked to do. We are searching for property to continue this adventure. Eventually, we will have created Earths New Eden, again. Yes, again. We did it the first time, and it's time to bring it back. We are doing this for ALL. Welcome! Please feel free to contact us at any time. What we know, we gladly share for the betterment of all. Love and light, Liz and John.

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