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For months and months now, as I have been reading the posts that I follow, I’ve noticed such a strong presence of one topic: LOVE. It seems that everyone is receiving instructions to love….unconditionly love. As I’ve pondered, and worked with my guides, I have remembered what love is to me in this lifetime. But, I’ve also realized that it is very probably different for others. Yes, we all know that we are One with Creator. Yes, we all know that we are part of this Love of Creator. But, I think there’s more to it.

About 1-1/2 years ago, John and I were teaching a class on dream interpretation. It was being held in a new age Wiccan shop, where we were the only labeled Metaphysical individuals there. As the host was introducing us, she labeled Metaphysical’s and Wiccans as follows: Metaphysical’s are touchy-feely-lovey-ewwey-gooey people; and Wiccans have power. Hmmmmm………interesting labels, right? Well, when I read some of the posts now, I get the feeling that this very label that didn’t set well with me then, is exactly what the writer is talking about now. Hmmmmmm……..

Ok, maybe my interpretation is wrong….maybe the writers aren’t talking about that kind of lovey-dovey love…..maybe they mean more. So, what is the ‘more’ love then?

Well, John has an example of “love”. When he told me this example the first time, I thought to myself, “What an arrogant, self-serving, egotistical asshole!!!!” I now understand why he considers this love. You decide for yourself if you think this is love:

“I was in a very large parking lot outside of the store looking for a good parking place. Just as I found one, and was signaling to turn into it and park, this guy swung past and into the place right in front of me! So, I immediately got out of my car and went storming up to him and got in his face and yelled, “I was waiting for this parking place. You have no right to pull into it in front of me. Get your ass out of it NOW!” So, he did, and I parked there. Yes, he had words for me too, but he moved anyway.

So, as you can see by this example, no lovey-dovey here. Just plain old in-your-face truth and reality. John says, this is an example of love, because it is done with the intent of the betterment of All. John felt that this guy, if left alone to do this, would keep doing it to others. He felt that by telling this guy to STOP, it would be better for all. I get it. It doesn’t resonate well with me in the way it was done, but I get it. What do you think?

Since hearing this interpretation of love, I have pondered my actions, and the actions of others to see how they fit in a loving environment. I live with a man (John) that is very in-your-face with everything he believes is better for all. He doesn’t tolerate selfishness, and makes it his mission to make sure you know when you’re not acting in a loving way. He does it with everyone, but especially me. It’s really tough to see his actions in the intention he has with them. I believe I am with him because we are twin flames, and I chose this in my contract. I believe I need to be challenged by him, so I can remain in the love that is for all, and not just for me. It’s not easy for sure! But, it is my choice, and I’m grateful for it. His actions make an environment that is necessary for me to truly “see” what I need to see. Our life in this RV is not easy, not comfortable, not conducive to privacy. We are always on top of each other, and so this challenge to remain in ‘love’ is even more challenging. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a CHOICE. I chose this.

What have you chosen in your life that brings you the necessary challenges you need to learn what you contracted to learn? Is ‘love’ a challenge for you also? The kind of ‘love’ I have spoken about…..NOT the touchy-feely kind, the ‘better for all’ kind. Do you see, as I do, that the energies we are experiencing now are because of time collapsing? because of the earth, our Mother, ascending? because of the need to wake everyone of us up? If this so, and I believe it is, then “love” won’t always feel good, like we have been led to believe. It could feel all kinds of ways. True, unconditional love is the kind that is there for the betterment of ALL, and this kind of love might not always feel good, but it is right.

Let me know if you have anything to add, or comment on about this post. I’m interested in what you think.

Sincerely, heart love and pure light to you all!



Author: earthsneweden

Welcome to our new Blog! We have been guided to show everyone what we are doing and how we are doing it. Suffice it to say, we are just 2 people living in a motor home at an RV park, but we have our own little Eden here. It is just the beginning of what we have been asked to do. We are searching for property to continue this adventure. Eventually, we will have created Earths New Eden, again. Yes, again. We did it the first time, and it's time to bring it back. We are doing this for ALL. Welcome! Please feel free to contact us at any time. What we know, we gladly share for the betterment of all. Love and light, Liz and John.

One thought on “Love….

  1. It’s an interesting idea and, while it’s hard to think about, it does sound true. Don’t we teach our children in much the same manner? Telling them no because it hurts others? We don’t hug them and tell them that they can do it again if they’ve really hurt someone else. And maybe that’s how we need to look at such a concept.

    Thank-you for sharing this insight with the world! Much appreciated!

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