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What I have learned while on Facebook

I spend a considerable amount of time each day on our Facebook page. It provides a vehicle to learn from what others have posted. However, what I find the most fascinating are the replies to the posts. They provide insight into other peoples perceptions. What amazes me is while so many people, in fact the majority, are awakening to the atrocities that are being perpetrated upon human-kind, they don’t seem to realize who is behind these atrocities.  So, as I read, when I am prompted by my guides, to respond to ‘teach’ and provide ‘illumination’ upon the truths.

The words that I type, are not coming from me. They are definitely coming from those that have ascended, and they want me to listen and they tell me what to say. Sometimes these words don’t resonate with me, as they can appear harsh or confrontational, and yet I am prompted to say them in whatever way the guides ask for. While I’m not excusing, nor apologizing for this, I am explaining what is going on for all those that may not be aware of this. Those that are more enlightened will already ‘see’ that this is. Please be aware that it is never about who ‘knows more’, or who is ‘more aware’ or ‘more enlightened’. We are all part of the Source, and are all exactly where we are because of our learning lessons. There is no good/bad, right/wrong, all/nothing, smart/dumb, etc., etc., etc. Get it?? If not, meditate on this as it is powerful and important to truly understand.

We live in this lifetime now, where there is so much awakening occurring. What a huge blessing that we chose to be here now! Each of us, as part of the Whole of Source, has much to remember and do for the betterment of all. My part for now is to be here on my blog, facebook, and in the world physically, to teach and assist all of Us. It is my job, as part of the Whole, to ‘do it right this time’. In other words, if I don’t remember what I need to remember, I won’t do what is best for All. That is my motivation always. That is what I pray about every day….to remember what I need to remember for the betterment of All.  This is not about me, it is about US.

It is beautiful and amazing to see each of Us learn, remember, and then grow and choose as we do. We all learn from each other, as it should be. Thanks to all of YOU for what you teach all of US by being who you are, where you are now. It is all as it should be, and is moving as it should be.  We are all exactly who and where we should be. 

Love and light my family!







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Media Brainwashing “Operation Paul Revere Contest”

Media Brainwashing “Operation Paul Revere Contest”.

Wow! I heard loud and clear to post this video on our blog. It is a short, but VERY to the point and obvious. I have been posting various comments on our Facebook page, and some people have been disagreeing with my assessment of illuminati control. Well, once they see this, perhaps they won’t argue with me. My purpose here is to enlighten and educate others.

It’s so time to wake up and truly SEE what is going on around us. Once we are aware, we need to focus our thoughts, action, and energy on TRUTH and LOVE for EVERYONE!

Last night I had an interesting conversation with one of my adult daughters friends. She accused me of pushing my ideas on her, and others that are not interested, nor are a part of what I believe. So, that opened the door for me to talk with her about just what I am doing, and why. The first thing I said was that perhaps she was defensive because I spoke the truth that she did not want to see. She responded that it was MY truth and not hers. I told her that I love her, and what I do I do for EVERYONE.

It is out of heart love that I have this blog and our Facebook page. I don’t do this because I have an agenda, or I need my ego stroked. In fact, I face fear every day as I say what is truth for All. It is good for me to face this fear, and then put it in it’s place so I can move forward for all of us. It is NOT for me that I do what I do. I do have a choice here, and the easy path for me, deep in my ego and comfort zone, would be to do nothing and liive my life being separate from the Whole. But, this is not the path I choose. This lifetime is for me to finally decide to do it right, and do for the betterment of ALL.

Love and light to you all!

Liz (and of course, John)


Happy March Against ChemTrails Day!

Just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that today is truly inspiring, and important. With everyone putting thought and action into this important movement, watch the energies make things happen! It is a day to push us into more momentum.

If you don’t think chemtrails are real, read, read, read, read, read. There is plenty of information about this REAL abomination. People that are involved have even come forward out of their sense of guilt, and need to rectify the situation. I have always believed that if you can think it, it is. So…….

Love and light!

Liz and John

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Lightworkers: When is Now

I have now posted several articles about natural cures, so why is this???? Because it is time for us to change how we think.

We have created this unnatural reality: illness and medicine. For that matter, we’ve created our reality as a whole: guns, wars, hunger, disease, chem-trails, government control, etc, etc, etc. It’s time for us to WAKE UP, BE WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE, and NOT BE AFRAID TO LET OTHERS KNOW. It’s time for LIGHT-WORKERS, LIGHT-WARRIORS, LIGHT-HELPERS to come out of the closet. We DO NOT HAVE TO HIDE ANYMORE. It is time to let other’s know we are here, and ready to get to work and help.

Quit saying: “How do I….?”, “What do I….?”, “Where do I…..?”! We don’t need to look for answers or “helps” anymore! We have been given all that has been needed beginning with Edgar Casey! We have been receiving channeled information for years, and years; actually decades, and decades! What are we waiting for???? For our Guides to tell us, “NOW!”????? NOW is NOW. Have you noticed how many more of us are posting our own channeling???? More and more people are receiving information. Well, this is nothing new, it’s just that we’re opening up and becoming aware of what was already there. We ALL have Guides, and our Higher Selves that assist us all the time.  Granted, some of the information one receives may be slightly different than other receives. This is because we all are here for different jobs, so everyone of us may have a slightly different approach or understanding.

Be yourselves, not Me, or another person you resonate with. Because, once you do that, you will realize that someone else is only creating their reality, which is your reality, because we all are aspects of each other as the Whole. Once you do that, can you still see the need for war, hatred, power-trips, control? Because it’s always there that we’re part of each other. You have read, you have heard, that everything you need will be provided for you. That is because it is, was, and has been always there.

Many of us are early light-workers from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and we all came to Mother Gaia to use our expertise to bring about the Ascension. No matter how old we are, we’ve always known what we have to do, have been doing it. Even though we may be in our later years, we are just now realizing or accepting more and more, that we have to work a little harder to make it happen. It’s not going to be handed to us. Our ET’s, Angels, Lemurians, etc, are not going to hand it to us, because they are nothing more than who we were in the past and who we will be in the future. They are aspects of us! So quit waiting for them to disclose, because that’s what you have to do. YOU MUST DISCLOSE WHO YOU ARE.

Love and light,

Jesus, and His Council of Nine (Or it could be Budda and His Council of Nine, or it could be Zoraster and His Council of Nine, Mohammed and His Council of Nine, etc…..because we are all ONE!)

(Channeled by John, transcribed by Liz)

Love and light to ALL!

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Our meat industry…..PLEASE READ THIS!!!!

I was reading news today, and came upon this article:

PLEASE, take a few minutes out of your busy schedules, and read this. I thought I knew what was happening, but I was wrong. There’s MORE!  Prozac…..for instance. Yes, Prozac. You are probably ingesting it if you eat non-organic chicken. So, for all of us that are wanting to stay away from big pharma, guess again.

John and I have been wanting to grow organically. That’s why our hay bales. That’s why we only use organic fertilizer. That’s why we have 5-gallon buckets of worms that make compost from our veggie kitchen waste. That’s why we only purchase organic veggies. HOWEVER, we have NOT been able to afford organic meats. That is until now.

My priorities have changed. SO WHAT if it’s more expensive!!!!! I would rather have meat much less often (if at all, even) paying double what I was paying, eating something that was treated well, and fed well, than purchasing this NON-FOOD that is making me fat and sick!!!!!!!! I’m so DONE with our FDA!!!!! I’m so DONE with big pharma!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR US TO GROW OUR OWN ORGANIC FOOD, and SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!!!!!