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Information on RAW Cannabis & Hemp

John and I live in Colorado where recently passed laws allow us to grow and consume cannabis for personal use. We both are “older” and suffer from arthritis, heart issues, and other physical maladies, so we both have been interested in the use of cannabis for pain relief, as well as possible reduction of medication we consume. We began smoking it when we were able to get some, but only on occasion. It helped, but neither of us liked the psychotropic effects. So, when I happened on the following video, I was really excited at the information that was “new” to me. Perhaps it will be new to you too, and you can benefit from the information also. I will post 2 links, the first one to the one video I found; the other to many other useful cannabis links.

Love and light!



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Lightworkers: When is Now

I have now posted several articles about natural cures, so why is this???? Because it is time for us to change how we think.

We have created this unnatural reality: illness and medicine. For that matter, we’ve created our reality as a whole: guns, wars, hunger, disease, chem-trails, government control, etc, etc, etc. It’s time for us to WAKE UP, BE WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE, and NOT BE AFRAID TO LET OTHERS KNOW. It’s time for LIGHT-WORKERS, LIGHT-WARRIORS, LIGHT-HELPERS to come out of the closet. We DO NOT HAVE TO HIDE ANYMORE. It is time to let other’s know we are here, and ready to get to work and help.

Quit saying: “How do I….?”, “What do I….?”, “Where do I…..?”! We don’t need to look for answers or “helps” anymore! We have been given all that has been needed beginning with Edgar Casey! We have been receiving channeled information for years, and years; actually decades, and decades! What are we waiting for???? For our Guides to tell us, “NOW!”????? NOW is NOW. Have you noticed how many more of us are posting our own channeling???? More and more people are receiving information. Well, this is nothing new, it’s just that we’re opening up and becoming aware of what was already there. We ALL have Guides, and our Higher Selves that assist us all the time.  Granted, some of the information one receives may be slightly different than other receives. This is because we all are here for different jobs, so everyone of us may have a slightly different approach or understanding.

Be yourselves, not Me, or another person you resonate with. Because, once you do that, you will realize that someone else is only creating their reality, which is your reality, because we all are aspects of each other as the Whole. Once you do that, can you still see the need for war, hatred, power-trips, control? Because it’s always there that we’re part of each other. You have read, you have heard, that everything you need will be provided for you. That is because it is, was, and has been always there.

Many of us are early light-workers from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and we all came to Mother Gaia to use our expertise to bring about the Ascension. No matter how old we are, we’ve always known what we have to do, have been doing it. Even though we may be in our later years, we are just now realizing or accepting more and more, that we have to work a little harder to make it happen. It’s not going to be handed to us. Our ET’s, Angels, Lemurians, etc, are not going to hand it to us, because they are nothing more than who we were in the past and who we will be in the future. They are aspects of us! So quit waiting for them to disclose, because that’s what you have to do. YOU MUST DISCLOSE WHO YOU ARE.

Love and light,

Jesus, and His Council of Nine (Or it could be Budda and His Council of Nine, or it could be Zoraster and His Council of Nine, Mohammed and His Council of Nine, etc…..because we are all ONE!)

(Channeled by John, transcribed by Liz)

Love and light to ALL!

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Cancer Cures – Not Mainstream Medicine?

I believe we have been so very brainwashed into believing that the Western civilizations are the only ones that have all the answers, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. We, here in the U.S., even have T.V. commercials for big pharma. Every time I see one, I’m perturbed.

When our country was founded; we came, we conquered, we suppressed the Natives, we “civilized” this new country. Nevermind that we knew NOTHING about it’s natural and native ways. Nevermind that we didn’t know ANYTHING about those that were already living on it. So, those that founded our land thought they knew best. They were “civilized”, and therefore better than those who were here.  We had our “learned” and “proven” scientific ways, and of course they MUST be better than the ways of the Natives!

And….so it went, and… it has been done this way over and over and over. Even as our fore-fathers learned about all the plants, and created herbal treatments that actually WORKED, eventually these were “poo-poo’d” and called old-wives-tales, and folk-lore. So, why should any of us be surprised at all when our scientific communities are just now coming out with cures that are NOT big pharma, but rather NATURAL and NATIVE?!?!?!??! Better late than never at all???

So, when I see articles like the one I’ve posted below, I get really excited! My spirit connects and resonates with this kind of information we’re beginning to get in our mainstream media. It’s about time that we get back to truth: MOTHER EARTH PROVIDES FOR HER CHILDREN ALL THAT THEY NEED. I love our Mother Gaia so much! I’m so grateful to Her! We can do better for Her as well as for ourselves. It’s time to truly LOOK at what we partake of, be it food, medicine, energy, etc. Time to give back to Mother, and love Her and Ourselves, as well.

Love and light,


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John and one of our Guides, D.C.

Let me introduce you to John, and D.C. (short for David Copperfield). We have been gone for a couple days, property hunting in southern Colorado. Since we have been home, D.C. hasn’t left John alone. As you can see, he isn’t the smallest of the feline breed. He is also one of the most wonderful cats I have ever known.

We got him, along with his 2 sisters, Maia and Fiona, when they were 6 weeks old. As we were shopping for a wooden flute, we saw a pet store across the street and had to go check it out. Now, keep in mind that we were then renting a home and not allowed to have pets. However, as we walked into this truly lame, tired, needing lots of help, with only 3 kittens in one cage; and 2 birds in another, I heard the following words come out of my mouth, “How much for all 3 kittens?” ?????????? WHAT?!?!?!? I said that????? Yep, I did. John was just looking at me in amazement. But, he knew, as I did, what had just happened. You guessed it, we were guided to that music store on that street that was right across from that pet store that had those 3 kittens. We walked out of that pet store that day with $20.00 worth of kitten purchase in a box.

Things always happen for a reason. We both knew that even though my intent was to “save” the kittens from that horrible pet store, and then find homes for them, they wouldn’t be going anywhere. So, that’s how 2 years ago we connected with our 3 wonderful guides and friends. We are THEIR humans, as it should be. They constantly teach us what we need at that moment. Oh, and D.C. smothers us with love too.Image

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Continuing on my theme of Weather Tampering…..

Hi folks! So, again today, I have found another article about my current fav theme: Weather Tampering aka Geoengineering. Here’s the link to the article below:

Please remember not to focus on any negative emotions such as: fear, anger, frustration, etc, as you read this. These emotions will only feed the problem. Rather, focus on how you would like to see Mother Earth: healthy, regular weather cycles, all life flourishing, food and water for all life, no wars, etc. (You get the idea.) This type of energy will feed what should be happening, and that’s what we all need to do to stop all of this CRAP!

Enjoy learning, and please feel free to comment any way you like. We all enjoy each other’s points of view.

Love and light, Liz

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Geoengineering….say what?!??!?! Ohhhhh, Weather Tampering.

Hi everyone! First, I want to say that I am NOT an alarmist, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. I do believe in most every conspiracy theory that you could come up with, but I do not put my energy into these. But, because I want to change what is happening, I educate, then focus on what I would like to see things be. This way, I put my positive energies into what we all need, rather than what is happening.

So, having said this, I do have an article (video)  that is all about something that I have been focusing on changing: Geoengineering: weather tampering. It is something that I am very passionate about, since it affects ALL LIFE on Mother Earth (Gaia).

As you watch it, remember not to get all wrapped up in fear, frustration, anger, or any negative emotion/reaction. Rather, focus on what we all can do to change this travesty, and focus on what we want for our dear Earth. Then, let me know your thoughts, comments, etc.

As always, love and light to you all! Liz and John